Thursday, August 17, 2017

Best Karate & Kobudo Instructor In Phoenix, Arizona Valley

"Domo Arigato Gozaimasu Phoenix, Arizona" - Thank you Phoenix!

There are many great martial arts instructors in the Phoenix Valley; thus it is an honor to be considered as the best in the valley based on 'expertise'. In 2017, Soke Hausel, headmaster of the Arizona Hombu Dojo in Mesa, world head (grandmaster) of Shorin-Ryu Karate & Kobudo (Seiyo Kai) and Juko Kai International Shihan (master instructor) was selected as best in the category of Expertise.

Soke Hausel has been teaching martial arts for nearly 5 decades and began his martial arts training in 1964 after growing long hair and joining a garage rock n' roll band. Because of the lack of tolerance for long hair in 1964, all four members of the band signed up for Japanese (kyokushin kai) karate for self-defense. Over the years he trained in Wado-Ryu, International Kenpo Karate KaiShotokan, Shorin-Ryu Karate & Kobudo and Kempojutsu as well as other traditional martial arts including a variety of kobudo (weapons) arts and samurai arts. He certified in many martial arts including Juko Ryu bujutsu, Juko Ryu Kijutsu, and Bujinkan Ninpo Budo (ninjutsu) and has been an active member of Juko Kai International since 1993 and the Zen Kokusai Soke Budo Bugei Renmei since 1999. Soke Hausel also has Shihan (5th dan), Sensei (3rd dan) and Senpai (1st dan) black belt certifications along with Soke (12th dan and 10th dan) black belt ranks. 

In 2017, Soke Hausel was elected to Who's Who in Martial Arts and selected for the Albert Nelson Marquis Who's Who Lifetime Achievement Award. His dojo (martial arts center) was also selected for the 2017 Mesa, Arizona Small Business and Excellence Award as well as for the past four years.

Grandmaster Hausel is a distinguished polymath and received national and international awards not only in martial arts but also in geological sciences, art, writing and public speaking

Through the years, Soke Hausel has taught hundreds of students, faculty and staff members self-defense and traditional karate. While at the University of Wyoming for 30 years, he developed one of the more diverse traditional martial arts programs as Kyoju no Budo (professor of martial arts). He has taught self-defense to many different adult groups including Christian, LDS, boy scouts, girl scouts, military, professional, librarians, women's clubs, martial arts groups and more. He loves teaching martial arts and enjoys the people he works with.

Soke Hausel gives credit to Dai-Soke Sacharnoski who has been his personal instructor and mentor since 1993 for his abilities in martial arts. Hausel state's that "Dai-Soke Sacharnoski is the best martial artist I have ever seen and has provided me with a great model and path to follow".

Hausel says he is also grateful "God has blessed me with all of his accomplishments as a person and polymath". In his early life, Hausel had more or less been thought by some (including his high school counsellor) to have been the least likely to succeed.

Today, Soke Hausel teaches a variety of traditional martial arts to adults and families at the Arizona Hombu dojo in the 60 W Baseline Center in Mesa. All are welcome to visit the dojo and watch classes.