Thursday, January 25, 2018

Best Martial Arts in Phoenix Arizona

The Arizona Hombu Dojo continues to be recognized as one of the top martial arts schools in the Phoenix Valley by outside organizations. This relates to the expertise of the martial arts instructors, outstanding students, and a traditional Okinawa martial arts curriculum unmatched in Arizona

The Arizona Hombu dojo focuses on  adults, families, and traditional values. The karate school includes highly educated instructors and students including university faculty, school teachers, engineers, scientists, authors, accountants, lawyers, nurses, pilots and doctors. The school attracts about 30% women as well as young adults and senior citizens.

The Arizona Hombu Dojo has been around for many years and was initially established at major universities. The Hombu moved to Arizona in 2006 from the University of Wyoming, where the school was initially established as a dojo on campus for 30 years after moving from the University of New Mexico and the University of Utah. 

Much of the curriculum at the Arizona Hombu Dojo (aka Arizona School of Traditional Karate) focuses on the traditional Shorin-Ryu martial arts. Shorin-Ryu was developed on Okinawa and has origins in the Chinese Shaolin martial arts