Thursday, November 19, 2015

Arizona's Grandmaster in Martial Arts

The Arizona Hombu, or administrative dojo for Seiyo No Shorin-Ryu Karate Kobudo Kai(TM) is home of Hall-of-Fame Karate Instructor and Grandmaster of traditional karate & Kobudo, Soke Hausel. The Arizona Hombu dojo & Soke Hausel welcomes you to visit the Hombu in Mesa Arizona. 

Soke Hausel taught Karate, Kobudo, Jujustsu, Iaido and other Samurai arts along with Women's Self-Defense, Self-Defense, and other martial arts for 3 decades at the University of Wyoming prior to moving to Arizona in 2006. He has been a martial artist his entire life and loves to share his knowledge with his students. Adults and families will benefit from his teaching expertise, experience, and enthusiasm.

Awarded ‘Martial Arts Genius’ by Juko Kai International, Instructor of the Year by the American Karate Association, International Instructor of the Year by the North American Black Belt Hall of Fame, and Grandmaster of the Year by Juko Kai International, World Martial Arts Hall of Fame, Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame, Latin American Martial Arts Society, World Martial Arts Black Belt Hall of Fame and Shinja Martial Arts University.

Soke Hausel loves teaching martial arts. He is an instructor's instructor, and few things give him greater joy than watching his students progress in martial arts as well as in life. He often hears from his students in their professional endeavors, family matters, and life's pursuits, and he jumps for joy whenever he hears anything from his current and past students around the world. 

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